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Black Elvis (Kool Keith)

Yeah! For the 2000 (2000) Black Elvis (Black Elvis) We get raw with this (hand me my guitar) Tour bus packed (tour bus packed) Black Elvis recordin in the 48 track studio Madison Square Garden soundcheck to speak direct Fans in the upper level backstage passes Wearin diamonds around my glasses leather coat Thirty thousand from Wilson countin the mill's I'm talkin to Andre Harrell with a chaffeur drivin me around in the green Rolls Royce, parked parallel, on Fifth Avenue Steppin in Bloomingdale's, waitin for Celine Dion to get her nails done Tour dates start tomorrow, MCI send the cash through Wells Fargo Black Elvis, 28 G's a night Tour bus with the Motley Crue, who gon' stop who? Rock star don't need no tattoo Guitar out of the sharp, Fender bass with the Stratocaster With Prodigy, Rage Against the Machine, flyin over the Atlantic ocean with the potion Black Elvis, rock star, walkin down Broadway What y'all thinkin about? Black Elvis, rock star, walkin down Broadway Chillin in the project hallway Tour bus, painted neon green with black wheels We do big wheels, count big head Franklin bills Movin up that's when I'm Black Elvis at the Civic Center Promoter book venues that are too small, ignore the call Seventy thousand jam packed arenas with rock fans wearin backpacks Merchandise sell nice gold shirts with red lights Sponsored by Dial soap and a Heineken The biggest rock star gon' rhyme again Roadie cases for eight months, Samsonite suitcases Rappers comin home with no money on the red eye with dead eyes Stadium tickets, watch scalpers get wicked Pull up in my limo ejecting your demo (your demo) Stretch lamborghinis with four doors, with four floors Followin right behind yours, basic Continental Get out your rental before I get mental (Yeah baby) Huge signs on highways, you see the biggest advertisements I meant to man the bombs off and skip my next assignment Walk in the Sony building, grab checks Stop in a Hilton, Warner Brothers Chap' on the back of my royalty statements, my name is Matthew Three apartments on the West with 200 songs Five minutes each on Ampex reels At the Shark Bar chewin billionaire meals At the Apollo, can you digest? I'm a hard act to swallow With a Paris France with a real estate agent that's building me a kid's playground in Denver, Colorado Vacation unknown when I'm speakin 3-way with Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard on the cellular phone Upstate Connecticut, hold you rap style with a better grip (I'm a rock star now)