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Dark Space (Kool Keith)

Talk digital, all galactic iMax, start space Demon of three dimension intro-respection Shake the one.. The rap flow since the Scoob paid dues to G.O. Capture the picture all out the end Watch the cheap pendant bend You face me like you've hittin the dead end I listen to heater, talkin to probably my best friend Smack your face like Tony Gwynn The screenplay will never end With {?}, Stoli, OJ and gin Rocketship goin up to, count to ten All galaxies will pay me salaries Aluminum shirts and die cast shoes Mercury, Pluto, Mars Jupiter Saturn is on the news, NASA black hole You face, the mantaur The explorer, world controller Adjusting levels, you can't face us That's right you can't replace us Undatakerz, no fakers ... I think we're stuck out here, umm Stuck?! What you mean stuck! There's aliens on the ship What's goin on Reverand Tom? We gotta do somethin about it, umm - where are you located right now? I've been walkin around for a long time I can't find out anybody, where is anybody located Come in, do you read me? Come in... anybody come in Red code one I'm coming, closer There is something wrong here This is Mission Control Reverand Tom! Reverand Tom, what's going on up there? M-Balmer, are you still at the controls? Hey anybody! Al Bury-U? Al Bury-U are you in the engineering room? I'm getting no kind of feedback here Takin flight, is M-Balmer, the vicious, funk mistress Warpin through yo' zone, zappin Amazon figures The unidentified femme like that Big Bang Theory I'm blowin up like the beginnin of time when I drop one line Headacysm, mechaic-nism I flow from A.C. to B.C., my enemies can't touch me If there's a penalty like Space Gozer I'm creepin quicker than a roller coaster, dumpin out the space Rover Cosmo cosmic galaxy 'n all But I'ma roll through cause he ain't with my black in the zone I'm gonna stop, all the aliens They're taking over the ship I must get my weapons, ready They will not, take over this ship I gotta let the dogs loose They've got the alien, cornered It's a lot of them! I need help Please, we're in mortal danger! ... We're all gonna die I think this is our last, mission "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."