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Dr. Octagon 2 (Kool Keith)

Hey, Dr. Octagon You know how it is When you're in the bathtub I'm there, to give you the Oil of Olay To rub it all over your head Dr. Octagon, proctologyst, lyrical scientist Women know my twist When I release the hits There's no one on the invitation guest list Organic kilometer, you feel the temperature Playing with the advisor I take the advice, opposite Mr. Nice Bone you twice we hear it The funkology astrology Lookin out the space window with the Bryants I wear the Kobes Not takin the space route, duplicate me Like Moby, you don't know me Dr. Octagon Dr. Octo Dr. Octagon Operation X-Factor with the Wolverine Walkin down Broadway with the X-Men Women close your eyes You see the green "Lost in Space" ship, count to 10 The first android landed from the Mercury Nobody on Earth shock me Your Earth music don't hurt me We park the bus ... and grab the bags Robot, me Comin down the street Dr. Smith and Will Robinson and Dawn A baby chimpanzee with fur coat Speed's older brother Racer X Drinkin Dom P in the passenger seat Dr. Octagon Dr. Octo Dr. Octagon With chemicals all over my pants The discotheque won't let me in the dance Original gas, computer built into my shoes Reject the circumstance A flying elephant with metal wings Pulling up in Domino's Me and Batman and the Rhino just left Spider-Man smokin PCP in McDonalds With 2 Asian models, Aunt Bee, Barney Fife Just a new distribution deal, with Jive I got a new job workin in a band With Elmer Fudd drivin a van For the Channel 5 news, rouse Dr. Octagon Dr. Octo Dr. Octagon