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Fine Girls (Kool Keith)

Hey baby.. my name is Keith Hi Keith I always see you comin home from school work Or college wherever you comin from Mmm hmm I'm a big secret admirer of you I see you all the time Sometimes you don't even look very happy No I'm not happy at all I wonder what's really goin on in your life Would you tell me? A lot of problems But I got things to tell you I like your pretty eyes Tell me where you get your hair done, your face so clear With fourteen carats diamonds in your ear He beat you up, I'll eat you up, reheat you up Come fix your life, make you my wife, improve in time No wine and dine, don't waste my time, mature your mind I redesign, you changin faces Stop playin games girl, you two of clubs, I'm pluckin aces Your girlfriends don't matter Jealousy's another info, she thinks I'm mental I love you keep it confidential You're that fine girl from high school, college graduate Lady always on my mind, girl can you imagine it? I seen you cryin Relyin on some old backbone prone I give you stuffed animals, sprinkles on a chocolate cone You turn your face up Your body shaved legs to the waist up You feelin sad, face down, always lookin mad I counteract, I contact Spot you out where the maps at I caught you starin, why you actin baby? There's no slackin, the second time I work this This ain't no clown and circus You takin Advil, for headaches I met you girl on purpose Stressed out with girlfriends That zero hero leasin his Benz You under peer pressure (You think about it girl, think what you really doin) I dial your home phone Know your code and area zone You trapped in mom's house, restrictions feel like Minnie Mouse I know you turnin yearnin learnin Plus your heart is burnin, I'm still concerned while you blinkin My mind is thinkin, outside your area You got that space for occupation, big motivation Let me drop my fierce information Come here girl, I wanna talk to you I wanna tell you a lot of things Different things that you never talked about Different things you had to go through What I've been through, before you've even been with I'm tellin you