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Keith Turbo (Kool Keith)

New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac GTO That's right we do it like that Keith Turbo the new man Here we go Move in close range with the ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center I freeze MC's at maximum degrees ?? from the street when I ripped apartments And the Corman suites Two and a half units available, bass you can't trace Your girl starin in my face at 7,000 feet Turbo, jets in the cockpit You flock with weak kids on the block with For protection, I'll ruin your whole section For major alteration, my final approach is to spray y'all Attack ya like roaches Don't step to me at the food court at the municipal airport Your unmatched performance can't stop my endurance Runaway 18-L, pilot one, change in your slot Number two you're through, dischargin your battery Stop rappin to me New York City's number one MC, that's real G Who's that kid B? Passengers are in position Change your whole vision Commercial instructors stop your stretch marks Take off your shirt I see your ribs Fakin like you Tommy Gibbs Technology program, you used to know I used to study with Son of Sam, that's right (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO Man (Keith Turbo) I can throw a hundred thousand pound walrus right through the walls That's right Mad like five gorillas in the vocal booth [mad like five guerillas] It's all Turbo Yo Mom Duke, pass me my helmet Let me show these kids what to do RPM 600 pound gorillas, 22 not hot Engine accurate, GPS storm scopes on your folks Monitors equal, my three million new fans are white people Geared toward the universe while black people think the worse Realistically expect my gross is twenty times your checks Triple that diamond around your necks, besides I hate cars You feel the turbulence, fasten seatbelts, close your vents Rugged horsepower, M-20-F, executive manifestin you a lesson False representation'll leave y'all sweatin in the train station Remember I'm blacker than your used Acura That's why I laugh at ya Like a anorexic model on the crack bottle Y'all play Frankie Beverly I'm in the future with a phaser network I bet ya I'll make your beck hurt Endorsements from the universities can't stop my abilities Financial trainin on the campus Sock ya like ? did Kurt Rambis Fax you that flight number, stand by frequency Don't mess with me (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO (Keith Turbo) Pontiac, GTO That's right y'all, it's all about NASA When I ride around in my NASCAR Don't think I'm Richard Petty, or Bobby Unser Or even Al Unser, it's all Indy 500 when I run around You know it, I come with the fluid like Jackie Stewart (Keith Turbo) (Keith Turbo) (Keith Turbo) *laughing* (Keith Turbo) *laughing* (Keith Turbo)