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Lost In Space (Kool Keith)

Blast full at ten, Keith still solo with no manager Them lock out, studios, need to block out Here's my number call me direct, get no feedback No interviews, channel four, see me on the news Erase your message walk streets with my cellular phone Address you wonder, don't try to catch me home alone Up seven o'clock, while you trying to find me on my block I'm at the airport, you think I'm strange, boardin' the plane Turn off my pager, then quickly, relax my feet Hotel Onion drinkin' brew watchin' Sesame Street You thought you saw me with a wig on, at 7/11 Disguised like Shakespeare with blue chrome behind your ear My George Washington robe, I still travel the globe On Pan-Am air flights, I roll in cities after midnight Stand in your lobby unsuspected, you get neglected Traffic was hectic Order room service, transfer quick to Holiday Inn Check out time nine o'clock, coat on, I'm on again You comin' so wack you sound like the Bulworth soundtrack I'm in the mall steady shoppin' while you tryin' to call It's on my answering machine, to speak to me as a dream Pacific Bell know him, the phone is off, and I'm well known 1-800 number, castle code see to summer Extreme complicated businessman, can't be reached No type of headquarters, deserted land, by the waters Target my focus on, internal thinkin' by myself You catch the treatments hiatus like Sam on the shelf Move out your zip code with you-Haul, watch you fall Obtain five boxes callin' Mayflower, every hour You scratch your brain askin' neighbors what, now you wonder While you search lookin' deep in your Rolodex, I flex, I tell the truth When I'm serious you think I'm mysterious, drop rap in minutes Become your problem like Dennis the Menace Hold up your meetings papi, let's ? to the paparazzi Unseen heard of your magazine got the nerve of a two-year old crayon writing Talkin' to y'all I'm decidin' Communication leads one step to aggravation I got my ears closed, back to bookin' my own shoes Level seven eight nine - second dimension