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White Label Test Press * (Kool Keith)

Yeah I don't think Keith's gonna show up to the meeting y'all See Keith's the type of artist to do his own thing There's no A&R out there that can tell him how to make a record You can't tell him he needs to make something like everyone else cause everyone else is just stealing his originality and ideas ANYWAY .. I think we should cancel the marketing meeting As a big secret, Kevin Glickman chill with Chris Don't like Jeremy Lawner So Ruffhouse politically had to freeze my album Regular Columbia don't know what the hell is goin on With a sheisty distribution switch behind my back I worked on my album February last year 13 months, passed by, all I heard was a bunch of lies Six weeks in ?? hawkin with a so-called manager Univested, livin off my budget My LP was completed before John Forte, Sporty Thievz and Pras but too many secret fans had they hands in the pan When I got to Philadelphia, everybody was waitin for me with tracks with a bag full of unconceptual DAT's Throwin me off, distractin me ?? ?? came out with programmin Me on the basslines, all my beats were slammin Nothin they could tell us While everybody except Tim Devine was jealous With my album leakin out to a bunch of critics It was somethin stupid the record company and the scam bookin agent, slash manager did Dubbin my cassette for the industry, it got silly Opinions from people who don't know jack about music in the industry, know what? Had to do the album practically over This is a test press White label test press Back like "Return of the Jedi" While the average person critiquin my album Most MC's look at me with red eyes DJ's don't understand my sound is too new He can't feel it on the felt; he say he'll make it a hit if I give him a Rolls Royce and a Versace belt Take care of program directors Yeah gonna call Billboard when y'all send them a Mustang Ford Then buy a 20-page ad about Kool Keith headbands Soap powder's in The Source, that'll get me the cover boss Everybody's small You're gonna have to buy video shows with washing machines I got to step up to bat in 3 Rivers Stadium like the Yankees in the World Series against the Big Red Machine Y'all gotta make it work, every video producer Y'all gotta send 'em a V-12 cause nobody wants the t-shirt at Urban Network Big Truck productions need to hire 20 people on the phones Callin retail; 90 foot pictures of me and my daughter lifts on the side of the building Half of these records are wack cause street teams get paid to pull out wack snippet tapes out their wack backpacks Get off early with a crew pile up in a suburban Go to the clubs and get the flats and posters and start servin Yeah Yeah..