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Ascension (Heathen Foray)

Face to face we meet on the field Two men sworn to kill for eternity Only the strongest will survive Draw your sword and let us fight The first blow meets and rips my shield – My shield broke apart My defense destroyed Try to defend my chest against the next attack My weapons are useless I give – I give my live into oblivion But I rise again To let my arch enemy pay! Enemy pay! You shall – You shall not forget my face For I hunt you down Until my revenge is here! Revenge is here! But your broad sword into my heart Kill me. Do what must be done Blackness opens up before my eyes Freedom, the circle is complete Soon – Soon I have my full revenge I will rise again And bring you down right to your knees! To your knees! The sun sets and so begins the new The new circle – circle - forever trapped Tomorrow we will meet once more Once more! We will never be free