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Chants (Heathen Foray)

It was a dark autumn moon And we celebrated our crop We were glad that we had A winter without Hunger before us Every man and woman Was light hearted at this night Also the wine run down fast our throats If it would be the highest mountain Or it would be the deepest see, You can be sure that I will find you I’ll come over you like hungry wolfs The shine of the fire danced Through the night and formed shadows On that wooden was walls Men who were friends from the day they were Born lay down in pelts to close there eyes Chants of my brothers still ion my mind I surrender to my dreams None of my sisters could have imagined That it was our last night Blood of the fallen imbues the soil Earth turns red from the juice of life Revenge for my brothers, revenge for my clan Morning has broken, it will be their last This is the last time I turn around I won’t return I won’t regret Chants of my brothers still in my mind If you try can hear them too