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Inner Force (Heathen Foray)

Another year, another time of struggle You went with us through all the highs And lows you can imagine Another year, another time of real big fights Standing on stages only For you my dearest friends Sometimes it looked like We will loose the fight We put in this hard work our sweat And tears and blood Sometimes it looked like We won't make it anymore Every time we got smashed On the ground you straightend us up You know this longing deep inside You know this feelings you can't hide This are the reasons for our fights We will forever stand our ground Through the music we are bound Nothing will stop us we'll rather die We hear this call out there Noway to ignore this yearn There is this inner force Pushing us right to the top Till the end we will stand up for sure Chasing our dreams for you Till the end we we will fight No one can this deny! This time we're going right to the edge With full force and we won't need sleep or rest This time we're going right to our limits And again we need your help to give our best