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No Mercy (Heathen Foray)

Fight fight fight find them Fight fight fight hunt them Fight fight fight kill them Fight fight fight show no mercy! Kill kill kill the enemy Kill kill kill all of them Kill kill kill everyone Kill kill kill show no mercy! That's an command! You would do well to obey! I gathered you my soldiers Because I know you are elite Find for me the cowards who did this to us Let them pay for their deeds, bring me their skulls You don't have to question my orders. Don't even think about it. All you have to do is kill! My word is law! Bring me their skulls! If it would be the highest mountain Or deepest see Kill them for me Bring me their skulls Come over them like hungry wolfs And kill them for me Bring me their skulls Show no mercy Find for me the enemy Kill their whole family Show no mercy That's their very own guilt Like they craved for this pain I tell you just one thing They should have let me paint! Let them taste the smell of gas! Let them die like dirty rats! Let them taste the smell of gas! Let them die like dirty rats! He wanted to be Master of all puppets All he did was just Bringing shame on his love Don't dare to listen to lies of the weak! In the end there is nothing left Everything lies in ashes, in ruins Revenge is the only thing left Nothing more is there alive He destroyed the shining past Just to becalm his selfish thoughts