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The Wizard's Life (Heathen Foray)

Night, long ago When this faithful child was born Prophecy in his hands Blessed with power of the gods Fire burning in his mind Dusk of the light Evil creeping in his soul Blood will run on This lands barren earth Loosing all through battles pride He was hiding in the woods Lost his mother the day before Through the hands of weeping dawn Couldn’t wait for revenge to come Studied spells of pagan birth He heard the voices in the trees Telling him secrets long untold He felt the power in his heart Unleashing fury in the winds Reaching out for revenge to be Time for him was now Anger was rising Mercy beyond him He burned the souls Of countless of men He vow vengeance Took lives among them He got revenge But he couldn’t cease Far away in the realms of wrath Roamed a man on the darkest path Blinded eyes by his inner strife Hear the tale of the Wizard’s Life War felt on every man and woman Death crept this land of fear Spells casted in the ruins of daylight Skies red as dyed from blood Knights on the hunt for the head of the wizard Caught in the woods after days of journey Seduced by spells of pagan Magic Hit by a sword in the middle of his abstruse heart Now he lies down to the feet of The knights of weeping dawn Passing away with his last breath He lost his power