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Dragons (you Know I Love You) (Orange 9mm)

There are certain times When I wished I wasn't so alive, And I would take it out on people Like they were dead I blow them away with words so red, Chops their skulls from their shoulders, And they run circles Till they fall off the face of the earth It only works if I know enough About you to pierce your heart, Your soul, and if you've pierced mine It only works if you've touched me Soft with patterns of trust I disengage the bond If my paranoia seeps to the surface like vomit Why do you even bother? It happens when I hate myself to the bone Broken mirror I feel alone Did you ever wonder if I smiled at home Away from your prying eyes? Did you ever wonder if I smiled at home Away from my worldly disguises? Deep thought crushes me With bombs and ill-will Feeds on interpretation until I'm inhuman, a beast I resent you for your cold streak Backwards I walk, talk, and think I lose myself in a cradle of a sadistic hate I slowly shake It rings in my blood, and I salivate Like a chorus of cats in heat, For the slightest contact, With my sharp long looks and calls I starve for attention I run from myself towards a wall There's no escaping me, I jump and stall Your hand still clutching my ankle, I viciously let go with thoughts, Yells, rivers, translations of my life from hell, In the split second before The concrete smashes my face They cut you deeply I smell your blood like a fiend, And reach even deeper, I masturbate mentally With the strange power pain has blessed me with I can't stop until you hit the floor My arms I hold out, I let you fall through them Secretly smiling I bring you down To my level of broken-ness We're such dragons Maybe if I loved myself more I could stand to look myself in the eyes And wipe away those sharp tears I could blow you away, For how you hurt me You lock yourself in a path, If you feel I don't translate Into your language at the time I needed you immensely Stuck to your guns, You watched from outside I was melting Now shuffled by the world You reach out for sympathy? With my eyes I remind you Of scars only seen by God, Who keeps account of each souls pain By weighing the bags that have grown so big, They almost block my vision I want to fuck you over with each decision I'm an animal when I feel unnoticed, Unaccepted by those I build homes for in my heart Wrecked I check myself into your mind, And you do the same at the same time We recklessly crash through memories Spilling them in bursts, Like long-held desire We hesitate then reach for each other Time instantly pauses Stuck leaning forward, Our position slowly spins three hundred and sixty degrees I see the thoughts in the back of your mind, The same way I see my crimes against your spirit I smell you bloody As guilt tints my vision towards reality, I see the one of your tears inches from the floor I lunge, grab it, it glistens stuck in the air Then hide it from the world's stare We're such dragons (You know I love you) We're such dragons