Lifeless (Orange 9mm)

Let's just end it, It's suicide and I won't die pretending Settling while doves cry meddling suspended, I confess that I strayed till I found my medicine Throwing the word love around I want to choke, like you choked my hope in submissions yoke I'm offended Not just the flesh shit that's regression, the inflection of my spine was so bent and it's embarrassing My confession resurrects my instincts till they sting me all you did was leave me lifeless You and I were made for nothing, maybe f**king I used to hurt like an ugly duckling Disrupted Enough said, turn the page, fix my head I'm lucky Too many people got stuck feet who should be running I don't hate you, maybe still date you, if fate's true the definition can't be me and you As long as my heart beats I'm striving to live my life The time is right watch me dive in, my confession All you did was leave me lifeless Spit me out when you're done sucking this Resent you, I forever resent you, I forever resent you Time passes and harasses the pain away, my veins start to fade away as anger seems passe You downward spiral and I see you in your passive aggression, while you crush the collision smashed a villain, my confession Shallow