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Pretend I'm Human (Orange 9mm)

Body parts and torn thoughts held tight by the snapped strings of a life an individuals course Dreaming with the demons that take naps in my mind Like a suicide ride, but the scenery blinds Watch us evolve straight into a brick wall Brains collide like tough guys you can see it how we walk Lean, push off Lean, push off Lean, push off A million kings in New York Pretend I'm Human Witness riffs and useless gifts twist to console and council those who can't follow Excused for their civilness Egoist too proud to know which floor to kiss Known to prey on minds stake out crimes based on lines that confine Some are blind, some rewind when you hear the that's about to hit you You tell yourself half of the picture Pretend I'm Human Search for the definition in a suicide nation Shock is obsolete like a killer with compassion Rubber souls to feet bounce on city streets It's electric justified narrow mind protected Botched ideas, violent years, vacant tears Most severe is the day when my hero dies Look between my eyes for my vision Hotter than the life I've been living Pretend I'm Human