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Touching Skies (Orange 9mm)

Mole-hills or mountaintops, look at us fly by thru the shell-shocks I dream on cloud nine no alarm clock, only wake if I feel the pain might stop Bird's eye view, flocking to this hope spot Everyday, every night seeking jackpots Rescue minds till you find us and combine this Nothing like hurt as a reminder, sometimes the truth does Feeling high with my eyes closed, Being told by these no-shows, how my life goes Suicide was my old clothes, realizing now how to think tactful I hate those that would grapple and try to choke my potential, make me feel existential Planting bugs in my mental, I erase you like a pencil I won't crumble Be what you want there's no excuses so be who you want there's no excuses so be what you will Grow roots and wings People fool you a lot or a little bit, you never know ideas blooming in their cockpit Personalities mesh or they're a tight fit, friends that I love rather clash than forfeit, and lend a crutch as we pass Luck cries wolf lies took as truths bend you from your roots shake you down like a confession in a church booth, a priest waits mute, your eyes then shoot but the set is bulletproof Outside the sky is blue, the sun don't shine for you I begged you for the glue, before I broke in two Emotions drooled Afraid of ourselves till, cooped up in our world we would talk shit, Still bitter? Not even a little bit I wave goodbye with a smile to our friendship See me fly while you cringe like a little bitch I wish you best at hitting curves, that's your Life's pitch As a submission here's advice and you might listen Caught in a vice of honesty my soul keeps sque