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Tragic (Orange 9mm)

There's always one of them in the bunch Socializing and sticking lies in Acting like nobody got a clue to the scenerio When the truth comes out they're scrambling To dodge the ball All of this none of it for any reason You know who I'm taking about They try to stick their keys into your brain, But I think we kinda had it Type of life that ends up tragic Do you wanna live, or do you wanna die? Talk a lotta shit is kinda like a suicide You could spot them from miles and miles Got their hand in your pocket and face with a smile I could recollect a sucker trying to play me out Putting words in my mouth so he would get someone to dis me for what I'm about But youknow and I know if I got beef I shout I'm getting sick of muthaf**kers and their stupid habits Type of life that ends up tragic...tragic