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When You Lie (Orange 9mm)

Found myself Find myself End up delivered thru a flood so I run now 'cause I can't crawl Habitually high on suggestion there's no passion in neutral A million close calls then a real one Snapped back my attention Memorial service when it's over Life's initiation Ask the right questions, while you're sleeping Ask the right questions, when you lie Ask the right questions, while you're weeping When you lie Addicted to calls of redemption, a lot of us rather drop for protection Committed to a life of extinction, cut connections if I feel you're a cancer Many of us sit on fear's shoulders, from that angle all we see is big boulders Hovering a sea of imposure, laughing while you gaze stuck in the mirror Who really ever knows if it's over? Ask an angel if you feel you can trust her Is it impossible to evade the syphon? Some of us would love to live forever