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Bathed In Salt (In Dying Arms)

[feat. Fronz from ATTILA] I'm not starving for you Just craving what I need I've taken one too many And now it's time to feed I'll rip your insides out I grabbed you by the throat and brought you to your knees You look so good to eat I'm gonna eat your face I'll eat your fucking face And leave the fucking trace What the fuck is going on? I've torn this corpse to shreds My hunger is forever growing I don't give a fuck I'm the walking dead I am the walking dead What the fuck is wrong with this world? Living among disease Zombies are becoming more real than our conscience plays them out to be Come feed on my flesh You cannot live without me Come feed on my flesh And tell me how the fuck it feels Come feed on my flesh You cannot live without me Eat me alive I am gnawing on your skin I've been chewing on your flesh And then my meal is complete Now who the fuck is next?