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Drugstore (The Dayton Family)

Yeah the dayton family back up in this bitch backstabber shoestring and that Nigga bootmothafuckinzilla - bootleg gotta nigga rippin the flow flippin it Slow got my foot back in the door here I go I'm motivated like I'm snortin the Blow refuse to poor gheto life is all that I know big bag duffle bags toe tags Nigga that's tryin to stop player profit bootzilla popem 36oz copin dope chopin Laboratory never stopin keep the crackheads hopin henen out the yae house when I'm in it on my block an 8th of rock sold every minite chicken heads I'm hitten Fine birds through the mitten any ho that chose get her nose frost bitten leg Is never quiten hardest nigga that spitten records arebein sold from dayton ave To britain rappin is like cokin cocain in the kitchen niggas can come up missin If they snitchin first nigga that's killinem bullets bustin and drillinem every Flow I flow is packed with dayton adrinalin rollin on my camilion paint I ain't Fuckin with bitches unless my man and them is fellinem so dig that much of it Bootzilla the real nigga bustin out in public intodusin you bitch niggas to the 44 me and shoezilla is the clerks at the drugstore -CHOURS x2 - lets go to the Drug store and pull out a shotgun