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Feds (The Dayton Family)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woaaahhh [Bootleg] I'm a drug dealer, killing in my neighborhood to be faded Feds they want Bootleg permanently in carcere waiting But I'll never let them see me sweating my techs striking a pose Hanging out the cuddy, nutty, nigga busting at hoes I robed a little, rigged a little, stole a little I admit it But I bet one witness won't come forth and ever say I did it Cause those the snitches sleep in ditches, ya'll I know the story I refuse to have the F.B.I. and police searching for me Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woaaahhh Was a renegade when I was younger but I've never been afraid To jump out windows and bust at hoots whenever them bitches raid I'm tooting cane, catching trains, loving illegal inhaling And I keep a case out my head for Feds that's on some bailing Have you ever heard of a murder beiing committed with a house of plants I must do smart to ever get cought, know my forensic science My daddy never loved before he left me and my momma Clio the Psychic told me: Fuck him, he's drowning in this crime I wait to see a shrink, I think I'm dealing with some plants Gave me some pills, said "keep it real", medicate your brain I live my life just like a fragile, time is out to rock So everytime I cock I'm screaming "Fuck Cops!" and hit your block Fuck the F.B.I., I rather die before the Feds catch me 36 hundred murders before them bitches can scratch me Hollow Green still fucking with my teenies where we balling Tommy loving Steve Pitts for all the shots that he calling Fuck the F.B.I.! [Chorus] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woaaahhh Yeahhh, these ain't the Feds you knooow They'll take your life and gooo They'll set you up for suuure Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woaaahhh [Shoestring] (beat stops) Niggaz are sucking my dick for taste Licking my nuts all over the place All in my face, when stealing my base We're talking about my homies case Dayton is on the rise again What's taking them up is bringing them down Fucking them up and shooting them up Fuck you hoes we run this town (beat starts) Shoe' is about they're cheese and cash Boot' is about they'll kill your ass Niggaz was running their mouth too fast Too damn quick and they got blast All you hoes can suck my dick Fucking your street and fucking your clique y'all can't fuck with Dayton (echoes) God know you're feeling like me nigga Hear my shit and bite me nigga You don't want to fight me nigga Sucking my dick so write me nigga Don't you want to kill yourself Fucking around with T.D.F. The media till your shit was death And left your tape up on the shelf Fuck the Feds, kill they're boys Dealer Hoes ain't make no noise Snipering in their backyards We're Eli's they're Big McCoys Once again, you know what's on I got something that'll get you gone Shots blew out his dome reported missing, cause he wasn't home Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woaaahhh Rob and Shoe and L.F.A. Bootzilla and Jake The Flake Dirty bird is back again He go too down inserting his 10 Leave the streets no alibi Back was blowing helly tire Wanted by the F.B.I. Walk your town and they could die Motherfuck the Federalis Hung their ass like killer Kelly's If you're their son, then you're a bitch Hold out, just like your daddy Walk straight up and bust your head Blast your ass and then I fled Took you out with nothing said Only because your ass was dead Fuck the Feds! [Chorus x2]