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Posse Is Dayton Avenue (The Dayton Family)

Aother day, lil esham in the streets summertime All the hoes are outside summertime [shoestring] I be that gangsta like? ? ? steadily hittin you with doble barrel See shit like a sparrow and shoot you like a bow and arrow Shoestring is the terror, squeeze the bloody massacara 40 heads is in the window and my shadow's in the mirror Scopin you like the one time, but bitch this ain't no law shit Searchin you up and down, no f**kin around I want that raw shit ? ? ? up under my shoes, we jackin you jewels cause it's my way Nice as rice slick as ice meltin in your driveway Thicker than the boochies ? ? ? than a snakebite Leave you drippin blood like a pussy in a pt fight Shoestring's out to damage ya aimin this at your temple Bustin you like a pimple, takin your shit is so simple Cruisin down your block in my big suburbian blazer Boxin like joe frazier, leavin cuts on niggas faces like a razor But that was the old days, now I bok with a f**kin luger No slippin no trippin I stack my victims like freddy krueger He lays in the cemetary, the grim reaper took his lfe No shorts on them ? ? hoes, I fronted you's a f**kin dyke You ridin on these, buster freeze, got you niggas beggin please Reachin for them g's, fingers squeezed, blew off his knees I grabbed his wallet, now I got myself a caddie coup Bought me a suit and the 1200 dollar gator boots Smokin on gizzy, the toxic got me feelin dizzy So much wait in my trunk, it makes me pops a willie Ridin down on strip, now watch me dip like a f**kin sniper Quick like a viper, motherf**kers and my engines hyper My boys be flippin money grippin, so f**k your crew My posse's who, my posse is dayton avenue Chorus: (repeat 3x) My posse's what, my posse is dayton avenue My posse's who, my posse is dayton avenue [bootleg] Come squeeze the triggers niggas, bootleg he's prepard to die It'll be a gangsta's paradise to shoot dice in the sky In institutions drug abutions since my younger days Motherf**k a 9 to 5 my gangsta's told me crime pays I was 17 back in them days, I couldn't spell diploma But I could tell you bout the weed and crack cocaine aroma Niggas my age not gettin paid, I thought they was dumb as f**k Why y'all in school, I'm stealin bags of shit off pepsi trucks Rockin the dope, it got advanced and cooked in different ways You want a stove, I'm rockin grams and shit up microwaves Why I done rose, lifted hoes ? ? ? begin Bitch spend the night, I'm takin pussy from my sister's friends My moms evict me cause she feel she couldn't control her baby I'm just tellin mom, I'm using all the game you gave me Nothin but poverty inside of me please understand The sky's the limit ain't shit timid bout this young black man The rap capone came up strugglin to make his pay And f**k all those who oppose, they don't live my way Never knew my daddy, bought a caddy from another dealer Lady on the reala, coup deville I'm ridin down on niggas Back in the hood, situation all good, gettin nothin but gangsta love Little shorty let me hit that 40, f**kin around with straight up thugs My boys be flippin money grippin, so f**k your crew My posse's who, my posse is dayton avenue Chorus: Motherf**k your posse, my posse is the shit Steppin up in the club, all these hoes is on our dick These niggas are gettin jealous, cause everywhere we go We got a pound of weed and about a half of ? ? blow, to let you know Thinkin you can come in my hood with the disrespect Fuck around get shot with the ak, bitch bootleg broke her neck That goes for any motherf**kers who wanna f**k with this My killers like a sniper flick, when we shoot we never miss And to my niggas that's like down to represent the ave The feds and cops get so damn jealous when they see a nigga stackin that cash Them hoes done took 2 and they lookin to take 3 or 4 But it's gone be a scarface scene, bitch when I'm off that blow That means I'm leavin them dead, 2 to the head that ass gone stank Better take your bank and gank smoke that dank, better watch that shank Watchin his movement pull the shank it's time to stick his ass Turn around tried to look ? ? ? but bitch I move to fast Backstabber, bootleg, alleycat and also jodie to Moneydimes and young t, they also from the avenue And to my other dayton niggas you know who you be My posse good for runnin this hood f-l-i-n-t My boys be flippin money grippin, so f**k your crew My posse's who, my posse is dayton avenue