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Simple Wish (The Dayton Family)

[Shoestring] A simple wish can get you killed and get you goin' like this Just take the pistol in his mouth and you won't ever miss! A simple wish is all I need and that's gonna do the job And get you set up, get you wet up like a fucking mob A simple wish from my lips left his bones broken A simple rock from my camp got his momma spoken A simple wish fuck with this and you gonna pay the price When niggas busting at your ass like we the fucking vibes I wish to drill him, I wish had the stress to kill him I wish I'm there from this ass and don't nobody feel him I wish a'old man will walk up and blast why'ass I wish your dick was your face and your head your ass You're just a wish away from dying, so stop lying! And all them haters trying to live, y'all can stop trying! Just wish you gay copier-gansters you believe the truth Like Ali said, I fight that ass in the form booth A simple wish and a Nickel is on your makers throat A simple wish and whole fucking block was shot A simple wish and you gonna have to do some thanking Click a stuper while your motherfucking ship was sanking I wish that you was in the street when I was in my car I wish that you ain't got shot when you was at the bar So when you see that nigga scream, don't you get pissed? cause all it takes to fuck you up is a simple wish (just a simple wish) [Chorus] (Bootleg) Sometimes I wish you bitches would quit playing on my phone (Shoestring) What the fuck did you wish, man? (Bootleg) I wish I didn't snort cocain but my concience thinks that's wrong (Shoestring) Don't stop on the block with your Glock and I wish now (Bootleg) And I wish not ever lost my oldest cousin behind these drugs (Shoestring) Get my boys in the trucks with bucks and the gages (Bootleg) My wishes don't come true sometimes so I hoping for another one (Shoestring) Make a simple wish [Bootleg] I know you wish I was dead and dying You would love it to hear my family cry Surrounded by gang raiders they ain't ready and firing I wish that I could change, escape the pain By jumpin on a plane and relocating to better thangs I wish do always better, I wish it wasn't wicked I wish that we can be friends and we can truly kick it Do you will really see, what God is giving me I trusted dealing cocain in my community Life is like a thunderstorm raining on my shoulders No guarantees where I'ma be when I get older Locked in the prison cell, dropped in the grave For the way that I behave loving it when my gun flames I wish that I didn't have to live like this Sometimes I reminisce and get pissed About the way that life has got me in a pain Fuck it I got a granny and you waiting to get mine My life is like a murder story They got me busting at niggas that's on the territory And do you wonder why I stressed out sittin' my jail cell waitin' to get dressed out (out) and pressed out? Here a lot screams the shouts Bootleg, you better clown on the bitches when you get out! I'm ready for it You ain't know it, but 'Leg cut like this Blow out the cattles and make a wish, just a simple wish! [Chorus x2]