All It Takes (The Dream Academy)

Cuddie I don't sleep right Cuz' when I close my eyes I hear cries >From my potna's who lost they lives Visions of bloody brutalities realities Now stay focused and hope it don't affect my salary Calorie, they keep my pockets fat I gots to stack a grip Try not to trip and keep them gold-diggers off my dick I'm gettin' sick cuz' I drink 24-7 The way I'm livin' now if I die there's no heaven Gotta help my potna's in the pen Cuz they livin' broke, this ain't no joke On parole and I can't smoke No sticky indo, roll down the window Step back the green lights like Nintendo Up in the game, like a professional If you ain't havin' money I got to let you go I need to let you know the rules before you perculate Rule number one potna never should you pimpitrate I spit this pimpin' straight cut, no additives No matter how mad you get biatch I'm a playa so I serve the game Maintain, campaign, and have thangs 1992 I was drownin' in big cases No its 97' and I'm countin' them big faces Switch places whupped the four-five and infrared Filet Mignons and garlic bread A hard head, big red and gorilla nuts Got me mobbin' thru the bay like I don't give a fuck I whipped equiped and stay dipped in butter salt Peel if she real no scrill then I cut em' off No fine-ass bitches wit them empty bank books Worse than them hugly muthafucka's who can't cook The game cooked, for 5 years in the fed Now its time for these game hungry nigga's to get fed Get bread, sew them sucka's down Smile in my face, but clown me when they not around me Talk down on my every move, but I couldn't give a damn Playa's do what they want The sucka's do what they can Twelve one, seven 0 my D.O.B. And I been breakin' hoes since 83' Money-makin' business handle it discreetly Give you my home