The Long Road Ahead (The Felice Brothers)

The velvet sky above Flies a girl I know's a dove Hurricane killed my only love On the long road behind As spaceman ship did fall Like a wayward cannon ball Satellite did watch me crawl Down a long road ahead The Billboards above My gas station girl in tights The humming of wires, a duel in the fire line I know love disappears Like the cries of Paul Revere But I know I'll hold you dear Down the long road ahead Hear the boom of industry Hear the rumors in the streets Some soft some indiscreet On the long road ahead Asked my boss he said fine "Just make it on back to your shift on time" I am a servant only to my mind On the long road ahead You wear a dress and I'll wear a gun my love We'll follow the sounds of yapping hounds That run through the high and golden fields Where the dust cloud rolls and reels Gently touches on the heels Of the long road ahead See the corporal in the crowd See the warbird on a cloud There's no defining what's allowed On the long road ahead My sheriff might have a terrible fit Might find his body in a mining pit Southern women take no shit On the long road ahead I heard in my mind the clutter Of winding clocks I saw a Bread line wind down A thousand blocks From the shore to Wounded Knee From Dakota to Tennessee Babe your memory is stalking me Down the long road ahead