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Effigy Of Death (The Red Shore)

Tonight we suffer, tomorrow they will mourn your passing. The son of man is nailed to a cross of sin and death. Each drop of blood, that is spilled across the unforsaken, will mark the end. As is written, so shall it be, and with its purchase, I set you free. The sky will fade to black, Beginning what was destined to be the reproach of man. The sky will fade to black, destroying everything I ever wanted to believe. to believe. Tie this noose around, Tie this noose around my fucking neck. You have betrayed him, You've betrayed the son of god As was predicted, You have proved you're worthless. With a kiss of, With a kiss of treason, you have sealed his fate, you have sealed his death. And as these nails, are driven into my hands, You will say, that you don't know me, With such conviction, and as the masses gather, Willing me to die, just remember I am with you As he was with me. And with this final breath, I will scream out why? has tho forsaken me Again. I served my purpose, I lived and died as you commanded, now let me take my throne. Now let me take my throne...OH!