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Sink Or Swim (The Red Shore)

For so long I have lived with this affliction For so long I cant forget In my heart I am burdened by temptation To understand is to regret I bow to no one, I'd fucking die for my beliefs But this is senseless and no one cares if you believe I fall beneath you, the crushing wave of my defeat Has stirred within me, another tide of apathy The coffins closing the maggots feast on my decay I'm slowly drifting, into this hole that I have made It feels so cold, without you here I am drowning in pools of blood Fuck you and fuck your sorrow You left me here to fucking drown As her screams fill the silence As her warmth returns to cold Will you bleed for forgiveness as I drive this dagger home In the wake of transgression, in the coldness of despair They will mourn for your ending And for the life that you became Lets make a toast, to all your friends They will witness your final breath This is the last, I fucking love you Before I end your fucking life