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The Forefront Of Failure (The Red Shore)

Stand on the forefront of failure A new age of repair Hesitation will not be rewarded We must trample the weak Herd them as cattle Slay them as sheep And I'll bury the corpses I am a slave to disorder Renewed hope for this killing machine Your God stands here before you Bow down and accept defeat And I watched as the heavens Collapsed to this heresy A new throne ripe for the taking If this crown could fucking bleed My name torn from the scriptures I must cling to these words Mark them I will defy you No one gets out alive Cast me asunder, draw me to death Cursed are these numbers, carved on my chest I can feel the darkness Descending upon my brethren My breath is hastened by The rising wave of holy trumpets Follow the trail of dead, into the mouth of hell Expose the flame that enslaves The wretched spawn within I watched as countless died Fulfill the prophecy Let insurrection be the parting gift of my Intentions As the sun sets As I'm reduced to dust My legacy remains Within the blood of earth