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The Garden Of Impurity (The Red Shore)

Darkness descending on Eden The hour of judgement at hand Purgatory has awakened Bare witness the fall of creation Blinded by the fruits of the father The cycle of endless deceit Forked tongues speak of rapture and beauty Not known nor pardoned Blissful malcontents, how dare they speak of the throne My image was born of perfection The first in line of ascension How could they know the truth Restrained by the limits of flesh Unable to reach his glory Like father, like son A power beyond understanding Un-capable of comprehension Oh what devices thou has planned against me To keep in chains of silence oppressed by ignorance I implore thee father to let thee know thy will As earth as it is in heaven As the tree is splintered Beaten and broken in two The weight of approaching damnation Has seen the fruit consumed How could they fall To fall from God's own graces We are the favourites now