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Lena (Orange Blue)

I switch off that light to make room for another truth gotta get to the bottom of my grief encased by memories and charged by history tryin' to release this gift of love than everytime I lift my head I fall down again Lena show me how to get along you're appearing in my dreams Lena knows what I've been looking for and I'll be fine, I'll be carefree and you could sing for me with a toumor in my mind I loved and left behind and I cried as I tried to win that fight infinite reality, mysterious sceneries - it seems nothing but a dream can get me out everytime I lift my head up high I miss that sky Lena show me how when Lena sings for me I gurgle with some youth again and tell the moon about the man though it knows about the spirit of my mind so I raise my head again and bend my knees to fall again and I can take the pain as long as I believe that Lena sings for me Lena sings for me… Lena lights a candle to devert from the night