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Shut Up And Kiss Me Or Just Shut Up (Wright Michelle)

You can talk about it talk about it You can do it all night long Yeah you can talk about it 'til you're blue You can mass communicate reiterate But when the morning comes Will you still not have a clue Now don't be a hypocrite I'll get too sick of it If you're only talking in vain Shut up and kiss me Or just shut up Shut up and kiss me Or just shut up Pacify me don't deny me Satisfy my primal urge 'Cause you know we'll feel much better when we do Talk is cheap but love is sweet Without those words and Actions speak much louder than they do My heart is a battleship Ever so passionate Take it before it's too late I want to lose myself Don't you We've waited so long For this moment What feels so right Is loving you And your heart is all you need to Tell you what you have to do Shut up and kiss me Shut up and kiss me Or just shut up Just shut up Just shut up