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Step Into The Shadows (Mr Hudson)

She said step into the shadow, come out of the light She offered me her cigarette I said nah babe you're alright She said step into my shadow, I don't bark but I bite She said she's feeling thirsty She needs something tonight So step into the shadow Now I can't take my eyes of her lips blood red, redder than red Eyes like moons. Carry me away from here What could I do? She said let's find a cosy dive bar Or we can do this in the street She'll have a bloody mary I need something to eat So step into the shadows, come of the light She offered me my future self I offered her a light I stepped into the shadow I wish we never met, I wish I never saw you standing there yeah Your silhouette turned a switch in my head, a trick in my bed You drew blood now it's hard for me to leave Now it's impossible to leave you Death of a salesman, death of salesman Oh yeah you killed a man, yeah, a man on that run When you tempt me with the passionate, oh, with the passionate Wish we never met, now I'm never gonna leave, this is who I wanna be, this Is who I wanna be Caught me on another side, that darker side, that newer side, that suicide