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Cast Of Thousands (The Adverts)

your living in other people’s lives doesn’t seem to be doing you a lot of use believing in other people’s lies it’s getting pretty hard to tell the truth when you read the papers when you read the papers you’re being told the easy side of life exactly as it appears from the outside now you know why the truth comes in disguise it’s the backward side, some new ones arrive when you read the papers when you read the papers when you get to heaven you’ll meet them all again the cast of thousands spouting out of the corporate pen demanding our money to make up something new starring new combinations of the tried and twisted truth all the human torches catching fire corrupt officials getting caught poor and the needy robbers and killers bankrupt stars [unintelligible] near-collisions withhold your dreams rape runaway wives other people’s lives births deaths loonie left murder, divorce, suicide political intrigues, hospital cases british weapons to foreign places earthquake, flood bodies in the mud poison, crowds a cast of thousands god, man: open fire