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Newboys (The Adverts)

We´re out on a limb Should we let the newboys in We think they can´t do no harm Let´s humour them But they need some passion inside They take it like a cigarette They feel it when it breaks their minds In their lungs and in their chests No regrets They didn´t tell me they´d been there for so many years I don´t know what to do I think I love you, you love me too? Is it really true You can´t want me You can´t need me You can´t love me, see Well, I feel like I´m at sea The plank´s beneath my feet Inevitably we two must meet again But they´re going to extremes They´re feeling quite at ease They fight with brain instead of power and no-one wins There´s no answers Now newboys quarrel, they´re bitching, they tangle A tendency to intellectualise, they won´t let things be Your conversation locks my door Then throws away the key You can´t help me