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Hogtied And Hatefucked (Fleshgrind)

My face shapes a cruel smile My tainted embrace, firmly around your throat Breath coming quicker, To the tune of your stifled cries I bask in the soiled femininity And the squeals of my stultified sow Where pleasures and pain blend as one My bonds, though macabre, have found warmth The cold steel and iron on tender flesh Restrained, yet erotic, I have you bound Your pain arouses my senses Your agony is my ecstasy! Your shame, I leave its mark embedded in your flesh It burns, it binds, my ropes caress your transient veneer Precious little pig... slender and pale So tempting a victim! Sadistically, I probe your most inner moistness Arouse my disgust! Tainted, my member, with your filthy secretions Arouse my delight! With lust, I tremble at the sight of your writhing Consumed by desire! The redolence of your debauched, violated cunt Consumes my desires! Though sincere, those tears are futile Ravished and deflorated Though sincere, those tears are futile Ravished and deflorated ... Then left alone! [4xs] When pleasure and pain blend as one Then left alone! Your agony is my ecstasy Then left alone!