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Jezebel (Acid Bath)

Her throat is soft, her lips are red Her thighs are white, her heart is dead Jezabell Red rope burns around her wrists Her blood is cold a serpent's kiss Do you love your whore? I like to hear you beg She's crouched down in the corner with her hands between her legs Jezabell Broken glass and dirty needles Soul erosion truth Electric god our superman Found dead in a telephone booth Shards of teeth ice pick abortions Orgasmic death, so warm Let's die screamin' black goat semen I can't hear you whisper "conform" Hearts will stop and brain cells pop Apocalyptic sunshine high She screams bloody murder as they chop off her fingers So this is how it feels to die But its O.K. She was screamin' bout conspiracy Talkin' bout talkin' sides I was masturbating just contemplating The cold love of suicide