.44 Caliber Brain Surgery (Demolition Hammer)

Incarcerated by my fear, paranoia I'm condemned to live a wretched life Confinement in a sterile world isolation Disconjunction with society Boiling my food to exhume the parasites Diet infectious Water flowing through, filters for distilling Organisms infesting Oxygen tanks, a breathing apparatus Perpetuates vitality Beleaguered by repulsion of defilement Functional disorder of the mind Obsessive aberration of absolute purity Neurotic compulsion Accursed affliction Gnawing lamentation Deteriorating intellect Distortion of perception Self proclaimed diagnosis Drastic resolution Self prescribe a red hot slug White knuckle pistol grip Load the chamber, hammer cocked Jam the barrel in my mouth Need a reprieve from my misery Unrelenting anxiety All I ask is one final plea .44 caliber brain surgery... surgery [Leads Sykes, Reilly] Purgatorial euphorium Banish my affliction Lead forged entry wound, exempting me from Melancholic psychosis Cybernetic annihilation Finally set me free Released from my coma, denied death's crushing jaws Prolonged tortured existence Informed by physicians, an amateur lobotomy Deprived of an autopsy Psychotic abortion Grey matter negated Premeditated remedy Procedure of extremity Thought I had a master plan .44 in my hand Assassination was my goal Polluted filthy world a loathe Suicide with no success Abolished my obsessiveness Propelled the cure emphatically Change convictions radically Practising without a degree .44 caliber brain surgery