Crippling Velocity (Demolition Hammer)

Squalid conditions, unsanitary Vermin, infested, dwellings ordinary Plagued rats, lice and fleas Cohabitating human race Subliminal terror spawns Onslaught of the plague, mass extermination Mourning, and sickness, disease are prevalent Invading, bacilli Eradicating all the world Hysterical panic builds High fever, chills and buboes boil Lymph nodes swell, inflicting blackened pain Delirium, violent emerods Blood letting fails to ostracize Septicemic human bordered death Black death consumes populace at Crippling velocity Chaos reigns supreme in plague ravaged cities Disease was thought to be punishment Livid spots, black and blue Retribution smote from God Ulcerated carbuncles Pandemic rages on,galloping consumption Hundreds then thousands of victims perishing Tolling bell chronicles Perpetual stream of death Terminal pestilence Infected rats die, spitting blood Certain indication coming death Corpse carrier drawn from the lower ranks Those left alive apprehensive thoughts Engendered in their burning tortured minds Abhor and shun contact with the sick Lesions, erupting skin Mortified, the epidemic closes in Panoramic Hell Enthralled upon us with Crippling velocity [Leads Sykes, Reilly] No one left to bear surmounting carnage To rivers, and pits, places of internment Infinite carcasses Superficial burial Overcrowded sepulcher Putrefying stench of decaying bodies Purple and black, boundless atrocity Afflicted children Perish in abandonment Immeasurable calamity "Bring out your dead" dispose of them Conveyed by the caravan of death Progressive outbreak of disease Apocalyptic nemesis Horrifying drama of the plague Black death consumes populace at Crippling velocity