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Envenomed (Demolition Hammer)

Loathsome abhorrent betrayer Heinous recreant I protest Your wretched birth Exorcise your vile entity Blood-sucking leech Sycophant Parasitic rogue Implacability Dudgeon despiteful vendetta Sworn to reprisal Discreate your own existence Void with no deplore Constant purveyor of anguish Animosity Unlamenting swinish whore Disdain with revolting scorn Blood-sucking leech Sycophant Parasitic rogue Implacability Traitor, envenoming antipathy Ignoble, disgust, vidictiveness With murderous fucking hate Scorching retaliative pernicious spite Detestable contempt Revenge, adversely despised Abject, despicable misanthropy Repulsion, condemn and nullify with Rabid violent force, invidious ferocity Contemptible misprize Distrust, hostile emnity