Epidemic Of Violence (Demolition Hammer)

Flesh and steel collide Severed remnants, disembodied veins Brutal homicide Bloodbath trauma, diabolic gash Tempered alloy sledge Bludgeoned to death in a manic rage Massive torque condemned Malevolent scourge, vital decrement Epidemic of violence Persecution reigns Blood Rampant siege of pain Violent purveyors of death Depraved reprobates Venomous vile rampage Lacerating horde of maleficence Savage murderous binge Blatant anarchy Sadistic damage tantrum Brute malignancy Callous hostile attack Strangled blue and cold Tracheal crush victim Respiratory death, agonized torment Carnage dilation Bullet-ridden dead Ballistic lead rupture Barbarous maelstrom of pain Chaos dominates Plundering rape, pandemonium Arson escalates Raging killing spree, vicious decadence Epidemic of violence Persecution reigns Kill Rampant siege of pain Despiteful savagery perponderates Viperous destruction regnant Vigilant snipers exterminate Staring down the barrel of a gun Rabid vicious assault Sordid massacre Multiple slain corpses Decomposed remains Of butchered innocents Seething heinous disease Lethal butchery Psychotic raving culture Pestilence of hate Scathing truculence Rancorous plague of ferocity Defenestration Vehement contempt, sanguinary raid Epidemic of violence Persecution reigns Death Rampant siege of pain