Infectious Hospital Waste (Demolition Hammer)

Red bag in the tide Unknown origin Deadly contents A floating pile of pestilence No one suspects The impending plague Imposing multitudes Lethal strain Swept in by tide Epidemic coincides Bulging contagious Infectious hospital waste Blood via tidal wave Lab rats culminate Bacteria A festering reservoir Putrid menstrum Gushing sea of pain Corrosive genesis Serum death Cultures decompose Healing implements erode Coastline reaping Infectious hospital waste Low tide, revealing a display so vile Preys upon the unsuspecting AIDS, link vials of unknown serum beached By deliberate acts of dumping Virus, absorbed by a school of fish Wields a cuisine of demise Caustic, wide spread harmful influence Of microscopic agents [Lead Sykes] E.P.A. denies Raging venomous decline Of the ocean's infestation Certain death compels Irritating toxic smells Beaches wreaking sick intent Greed, constitutes lies Pay off complete Now it's too late Barge, eludes a mandate Clinical waste Caustic shoreline Scum, cripples a beach Carcinogens Toxic release Germ tainted torrent Hydraulic death Containment [Lead Reilly]