Neanderthal (Demolition Hammer)

Progressive evolution Spawns a hybrid breed Through natural selection Neanderthal conceived Barreled chest and heavy limbed Bony ridge atop his skull Beetled brow, immensely strong Bi-pedal locomotion Ape man, short statured Slouching dim wit brute Homo erectus Modern sub-species Packing spears and heavy clubs Stalking giant prey Neanderthal attacks A migratory herd Mammoth charges with malice Tries to feast upon his death Armed with a broken ranpike Impale its massive chest Butcher with stone tools Carcass of their prey Savage intention Carnivorous feast commence [Lead Reilly] Intruding hostile cave bear Slay the vicious beast Snare a wooly rhino in a Camouflaged abyss Massive haul of bones in tow Retreating to his dank abode Embossing his icy lair With a skull and bone complex Slaughter for pleasure Instinctively possessed Killing the symbol Of his dominance Skulls of fallen enemies Crushed by scathing blows Mastication of their flesh Burn the bones for fuel Human bone, cut, smashed and charred Neanderthal has left his mark Severed heads, disjointed limbs Cannibalic butchery Emerge, cro magnon A higher form of life Violent, fierce battle Neanderthal's demise