Omnivore (Demolition Hammer)

Hostile, rapacious, predatory menace Shrouded in a veil of obscurity Tooth-studded jaws Omnivorous appetite Abrasive placed weaponry Decontorcicating Evokes excruciating painful Injury from an epidermal wound Titanic primeval butcher Pressure sensors submerged in anatomy Fluid filled tubes, extended impulse nerves The scent of blood Incites enravishment Ominous reconnaissance Irresolution Preceding systematic slaughter Quintessent, carnivorous, piscine Desperate diversion Elusive maneuvers Erupt in a frenzy Impelling determined attack Split by the wrath of a blubber lance Pain is not conceived Evil smelling mass unleashed Indulging in an autophagous feast Defy the force of a power-driven spear Lewd monstrosity Terminal mouth with tricuspid teeth Revealing all the inner sights of hell Contorting velocities Of crushing violent rage Shattering pain evolves Blood-soaked chunks from wounded prey Mangled flesh abounds Succumb to nefarious mandibles Dragged underneath Immersed in fear of death Denuted bone, massive tissue loss Exposing entrails, savage autopsy Ruptured torso spewing forth Dragged underneath Now immersed in fear of death Internal organs severely ruptured from Infinite barrage of sledgehammer blows A slashing maw Immense bite radius Piscatory savagery Mob feeding pattern Fierce competition for the sparse Remains of a carcass torn to shreds Perditious abomination Primitive killer Ravenous glutton Most non-selective feeder to endure Savage attacker Voracious torpedo Gormandizing with ferocity