Parasital Epitaph (Demolition Hammer)

Pathogenic bio-weapons More devastating than atomic warfare War machine fueled by disease Specters of epidemic Regions, condemned by contamination No hope, for future habitation Terminal plague destroying all in it's path of demise Micro soldiers, infiltrate life Consuming mankind from within Cities topple, ruin and dust Desolate barren remnant Anti-bio-carcinogens Secretly dispensed on agriculture Infester by native populace Vegetation breeding death Mass killing of civilians Virulent vapors immolate No cure habitat corrodes Deadly pestilence escalates Your immune system can't revitalize Fermenting in a noxious gas Pernicious toxin neuro massacre Brutal parasital epitaph Prophylactics vaccine desist Systematic death of vital ballations Inoculations cease to deter Caustic malignant disease Elaborate, precautions involved in handling Containment, essential discharge forbidding Extreme caution, potential risk of mass suicide Anthrax laden cattlefeed cakes Fueling impending decay Fallen livestock embody foul spores Festering murderous heaps Microscopic iconoclast Infestation of nations reservoirs Contaminating water supply Toxic liquid virulence