Pyroclastic Annihilation (Demolition Hammer)

Molten debris Volcanic ash Seas of boiling mud Subrelluric forces exploding violently Pyroclastic matter intense velocity Blistering jets of steam Suffocating noxious gas Incandescent surge, rhyolite monstrosity Expanding mass of lava and pumice Columns of smoke Solid sheet of flames Paroxysmal rupture, volcanic edifice Scintilating fissure, erupting orifice Avalanche Vapor cloud Interlacing fiery trails Wall of toxic fumes rapidly asphyxiates Intrusive tuft prevails Incendiary hyle, vulgar mass Ebullition escalates Inflammatory pit's effluence Lithosphere fulminates Lateral blast, incineration Candent, viscous flow Fire belching mountain Spewing hot ash Menacing convection Catastrophic purge, tephra plague Flaming fragments inundate Combustive turbid brume, smothering Fumaroles permeate Torn crustal plates, assimilation Magma reservoir Scoria ejected Violent shockwaves Pyrocataclysm Curtain of fire Hot embers fly Parasitic flow Megaton explosion, destructive aperture Orbs of acid lava, torrid expenditure Volatile magma bombs Encrustment of profuse terrain Inhumating blast, vehement catastrophe Desolate void remains