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You Were There (Atozzio)

(Intro) First I just wanna say to ya, It might not mean much But I realize this stuff… (Verse 1) So dumb I was, to let my temper get the best of me And I... was wrong, though it may be too late to say anything But now that you're gone, I miss the best thing that ever happened to me You was everything I need… oooohhhh…. I tried to go on Living this life without ya Everyday, it grew colder Life seem harder without ya I tried to bare the pain But accepting it was just too much I'm longing to feel your touch again …. Ooooooh… (Chorus) Foolish pride, forced you out of my life, Being too much of a man to say I'm sorry and apologize Now I'm realizing too late, I'd hate to push you away You were there, you were there, you were there, you were there I'll admit there's some thangs, I should've changed that would've made us better You can point the blame, my way, but put the past behind us I wish I could turn back time and make everything so right between you and I (Woah) I can't, so please, give me another chance girl You're all I need, I'll do anything girl So forgive me, 'cause I'm dying with all my selfish ways And girl, I'm not the same I'm sorry baby… (* Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) Girl, I know You gave me every opportunity to love you so But I was so blind to see Now that I've learned Baby, it hurts And I need you in my life Need you in my life (* Repeat Chorus 2x) (Outro) No, no, no... You were there, you were there, ohh... I'm such a fool and I lost you But all I need is another chance… Oh babe, Oh baby, Oh babe, Oh baby, Oh babe, Oh baby, Oh babe, Oh baby, Oh babe, Oh babe, Oh baby girl, ohh...