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Town (Yonder Mountain String Band)

There's a town out there I spent a little time, I almost didn't make it out alive. But since I did I thought I'd write a song, About the things I saw while I was there. Well I saw a lot of people, but they all looked the same, They had the same clothes, they had the same name. Oh, I took off runnin' right out of that town, Hope I never have to go back again. I won't tell ya just where it is, Case I ever have to go back again. But you're going to know it, if you ever pass through, Provided that they let you in. Well the moms and the dads they drove the same cars, They had the same jobs and the didn't think alot. And if I didn't think I'd get in trouble with the law, Tell ya I'd have laughed out loud. Kids got the same grades, the wore they same shoes Struttin' in maroon velcro kangaroos, Which I liked enough, I tried to get a pair But they didn't have any to spare I could tell right away I wouldn't fit in. Had the right color eyes and the right color skin. But I didn't know the work or the magic word, And I think they knew that I smoked a bit from time to time