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Hero (Flesh-N-Bone)

(Demon voice) (Flesh Flesh...) (laughs) Tough boy you can fake like you hard But if you ain't rollin' with the Lord Bigga get your (bitch ass pussy) Get your ass a hoe card bitch [Flesh] Well, hit 'em with the middle ? creepin' sleepin' competitors nothin' but silence ? Flesh ? I'm soft niggas afraid ? 5th Dawg ? book of thugs he's so raw raw motherfuck the law Law get 'em off a your dog ya'll ya'll ? Ya'll niggas ain't ready for the armaggedon ? In a daze and if you come around my way ? make my day Flesh Have any mercy not when he cock buckshot feel his ass drunken ? bloodclots ? fill his ass hot slugs when he explode Now get 'em off poppin' gotta glock flossin' a beam And call off shots right in between his eye when I hit 'em With a Nina should've seen his split wig ? Never want to fuck with my lyrical status can't touch my And my style you niggas in the game want to talk foul ? 100 proof thugstyle put it down Sure you want to bite us now (now, uh) Chorus: Flesh 1 9 9 9, 2 triple 0 0 0 we be the heroes souljahs of the new millennium ? [Afta Maff] Runnin' with a bullet proof vest and put 'em to rest When I meet a motherfucker with a fifth of Cal. AK-47 Mac-11, Hollow Points trailin' the bitch And watch me dip with my trues I fool Nigga know the rules, rules [Flesh] Whatever you do, you do what you gotta do If you snooze you lose [Afta Maff] My niggas be strong with a bullet proof on I'm checkin' the niggas' claimin' to be thugs Thinkin' of poppin' my pistol bangin' the brains I'm leavin' the niggas sho' 'cause I don't want to be judged by a 12 than carry by 6 [Flesh] I'm a empty the clip and dip For fuckin' with be , G get your wig split Remember the silence... [Afta Maff] And I'm off here with pigs Let me get that glock cocked put 'em on the spot When I run around roofs with a bullet proof on but it won't save You trues ? lovin' that Black Hole and sho' and I'm ready to roll [Flesh] Gimme the cheese and weed really don't want to play hero [Two Gun] Puttin' in clips with the hollow point tips Two Gun say "Trip and stay ready to rip" Equipped with the infareds on the automatic Mac 11's Better step with your weapons niggas, thugs is who you be testin' [Flesh] If you try then nigga you wreck it with my double glock glock better off leavin' them restin' [Afta Maff] Stan be sayin' the missions impossible Murder one gon' get me unstoppable you better be watchin' or waitin' my nigga be flippin 'cause nigga we profitable Chorus [Menenski] Spittin' real with my killas These niggas gon' hear us, gon' feel us (they gon' feel us) With 7th Sign and Mo! Thug; all my niggas get love and I gon' ride My nigga Flesh pray to God with his niggas from Watts Don't stop, won't stop [Flesh] It's another one of them days Stack gotta get paid Hockin' a rage cockin' a gauge aim to peel when I dump, kill when I pump I'm a send 'em a trip to the grave I'm gonna pop on to dump 'em on a trip to the cemetery Fairy tales of the crypt I'm the keeper; Nice to meet you, busta ? niggas ? 60 figures they got they feelin' heated up repeatedly sweeped everybody ? every motherfucker want to go to hell And I'll send 'em makin' a maulin' niggas fall to the 9 We the heroes of the new millennium Hear me now Chorus [Flesh] Yeah, Mo! motherfuckin' Thug soldiers In this bitch takin' over Like we told you FBI, Flesh-N-Bone Incorporated How many ya'll bitches hate it? Understand me motherfucker When you see me what you gon' do When the 5th Dog trip on you? Chorus