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World So Cruel (Flesh-N-Bone)

[Flesh-N-Bone] Here I come, rollin' off with Mo Thugs. Trues, humbly united, gathering souls and bail. Livin' life daily, all tha way. Tha plan instead, they put'em on a self-destruct, But I don't want to go to hell. Vix'n tha body does it tell'n explicit, For more'n I seen ya vision, And let never fiendin' catch us and a schemin'. We'll drink fo' tha way yallz are breakin' me pan. (Hey, man.) We born to tha weed, it would grow, Didn't know tha Bone'd grown some. Buckaz gon' keep it right, just home, And searchin' wit' they hustlin', (no matter.) Same time, see tha Bone, They done have a safe place fo' my babies. Don't murda, brown up, so crazy get'n tha cruel World, all made up it, like Hades. Don't make Flesh break down, sign sight, my pine. I'd hide drug dealaz, I find my started. Try not to pine in my nine. I try to stay kind, instead it plus peelin', peelin' That splif, roll over that, shove it. Find tha po' po' beatin' down ya do', and did it. To ya break and ya won't see tha busta faces. Here tha more, LA for, killin' each other for witches and shoes. Shit, it ain't nothin' to lose, we get a drop in twos, Mo's fools do nothin' and I takes my turn, And passin' it out wit' tha Layzie, lil' Eazy, my mentor. Keep in, handin' over tha shoes, I go walkin' in, And, baby, had to go, die, bye bye, Wit' tha cruel world, take'em shed. [Chorus] Why, why, why, are we Livin' in a world, world, world, so cruel? [Run] This Reverend, from heaven, Just makin' you feel 'bout these problems for Run. But neva go less, I'm fresh with Flesh. Tha solution's begun, gotta get y'all, hit y'all Wit' yo' fellaz, makin' dollaz and cents. But tha fact that wack rappaz Be jealous, make this Reverend intense. I'm flippin, I'm scrippin, I'm rippen'em down; They be burnin' my church. No lippin', I'm sippin', I'm tippin' my ground, gettin' first in my verse. Who got yo' macho, shot yo' kids, creepin' up on yo' crew? It's kinda hot, y'all got yo' bids, boy, and that how we do. What's tunnel mind? It's soldiaz. I'm bought masterline, at this line. These bookaz, that welfare line, And can forget that black on black crime. We livin', and drivin', and giving them love, But what they do wit' out heart. For takin', and breakin', and fakin' them jacks. Boy, ya tear'em apart. Just livin' in a world that's so, so cruel. That's tha tape in yo' deck. They take our money, rape our women, now come give you respect. And I believe, a lot of us shouldn't condemn these rappers, Because if nobody would a told me about God The church folks would a been talkin' bad about me. Why, why, why, are we Livin' in a world, world, world, so cruel? [Flesh-N-Bone] Think 'bout tha in us too, me 1999, Than what would we do? We breakin', it'll make a change, fool, Do somethin' knows quicker, it's all fake. Ya smoke tramps, in our community flood Wit' a master plan to get rid of a sea, me got crack, And all these diseases that make us immune, And ain't it ridiculous. Look at us strugglin', hustlin'; Gotta make ends meet to pay my bills. Gotta help, ain't no grub on our grills. Stuffin' to get to me fillin', that's only fo' real, though. Still, people feel me, So many of y'all now diamonds on tha rough. Sho' nuff, better know us When they get it, betta grip tight. Holdin' my brothaz, we're marchin' soldiaz, And I told ya, And it showed, deceivin', caught him on camera. Some coppaz got no love, they see a thug Comin' up, steady peepin' to sweeta. Fo' see murd, they need go just Want to help tha weed trust. Don't even run to pull a gun and pop it. Tha blacker together mens, gather strong at last. Controllin' no mass, no more violence, gon' stop it. Grow up to be coppaz, and I'm proud. Be keepin' my Lord's watch, and it's no. When you think it's sin, want to live by tha sword, Gotta die, gash, ash to dust. They turnin' that passin' and not with tha less. Lil' Easy, my mentor, king, Handin' over tha shoes I go walkin' in. Fill us up on gag, betta pass with tha cruel world, take'em shed. Why, why, why, are we Livin' in a world, world, world, so cruel?