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David (Honeyhoney)

It's alright, David, I'm fucked up again I'm tired of waiting Of being your friend Cause you're stuck on the first page and I'm close to the end So just shut your mouth and pretend You scream your cellphone and you watch your TV Sometimes you look like a fool Sometimes you look right past me And I'm the one singing you songs in the end So goddamn, I guess we'll be friends And oh, all the days pile up like used paper plates And you know but you still go Pictures and movies and books and cartoons When I'm lookin' at them sometimes I'm thinkin' bout you And writing down things that i think you should do You know, I might get sick of me too And oh, all the days pile up like used razor blades And you know but you still go So David I'm here and my fingers are sore From writin' down words that I know you'll ignore When each one comes out it fees more like before So David I've evened the score David I've evened the score.